There once was a pig that was transformed into a man. This young man (formerly a pig) is amazed at what he had now become. He could think, talk, and move around in ways he could never have done before! He continued on to discover and enjoy all of the wonders of being human and loved them.But, as time passes by, he started to miss his old life- bathing in the muck, eating gruel, and being with other pigs. He decided to return to his previous home and live the way he formerly did.

At first it was grand, he played in the mud for hours- though he started to feel dirty, a feeling he had never experienced as a pig. He went and stuck his whole head in to the gruel he used to feast on, and it tasted just as it always did. Tears came down, as the nostalgic flavors crawled in his mouth. But, almost immediately his body began convulsing, and he started to throw up every last drop of his former comfort. He could not eat it anymore, this new body had rejected it as filth. He stubbornly tried to force feed himself, and after a while succeeded in holding down some of it. He later became very ill, and lasted a few days in an inn, as his body detoxicated itself from his old delicacy.

After a while he became better, through a diet of hot soup, and tea made for humans, and he decided to at least say hello to his old companions. As he saw them snorting, and squeaking he went to embrace them. They did not know how to react because they could not understand him. He tried to communicate, even trying to speak his old tongue- but even through this, their minds were just too drastically different and they went back to eating, and marinating in their filth. The man, watery eyed, walked away. All this time, he had spent trying to be something he was not anymore, costing him great emotional and physical pain.

When this man returned home, his new friends had a surprise party ready for him. A banner reading "Welcome Home" dawned the door of his home, people had made food and brought drinks. As they embraced him, he stepped back and told them about his old life as a pig, and why he had been gone for so long. They all smiled, and revealed to him that they too all used to be pigs.. and all other types of animals. They told him of their stories of being reborn, and the struggles they've faced and still are confronted with. As he heard them, he felt a comfort and a relief he had never felt before. He embraced his new found identity, and though the thoughts and longings for things past still lingered, he knew that those things no longer belonged to him. He was no longer a pig, but a man.